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Skateboarding is well-known as an individual sport; however, riders tend to practice in groups at public areas and skate parks. From time to time, skateboarding with friends becomes an essential part of this sport and consequently, this habit is deep-seated in skating culture.

So why does skateboarding with friends matter? Let’s find out the importance of practicing with your friends in skateboarding culture. But first, we should take a look at the foundation of this sport.

Founded in California in 1958 by a group of surfers with the original idea was to create a new sport similar to surfing but players can travel on land with a wooden skateboard equipped with mental wheels. Not until the 1970s, skateboarding gained its popularity under the revolution done by a group of players named the “Z-boys”.

And now, skateboarding has become the most popular sport among youth all over the world. To get more information about how skateboarding was invented and its revolution, check out SkateAdvisors for more details.

While skateboarding requires no referees or coaches, new riders are advised to learn to skateboard from a skillful skater to avoid building up bad habits or wrong techniques. By skating with friends, you can have the following benefits:

Friends motivate skaters to perform hard tricks and develop their creativity.

You can learn from your skating friends not only skateboarding skills but also other skills such as videography, photography, or music production. Getting tips and comments from friends to improve your performance or solve your problems like choosing a suitable skateboard.

Traveling with friends is way better to keep yourself safe. Since most of the time, skateboarders prefer skating in abandoned areas or cruising on strange roads, having some skating mates brings more good than bad.

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